Hello there UG.

Ive got some sentiment for Ibanez, since it was my first electric guitat back in the days when i was young. Recently i have found Ibanez RG 7421 to be really cheap and have a lot of positive opinions. I can get this guitar for 350$ stock A in Europe, however never were able to try it out. My main guitar i use its ESP ltd mh 417, which is most comfortable for me and sound great with peavey amp.

My questions are, how good it sounds, arent pickups too muddy?
Is neck think like ltd or fat like schecter ones?
Any construction disadvantages? Like buzzes or frets quiality?
i haven't tried any 7 strings, but assuming they're like the 6 string versions (big assumption, admittedly):

- stock ibanez pickups are rarely great, especially on cheaper models.
- normally thin, though i don't know if that applies to the 7 string models
- not sure. it's one of the cheaper models so it's not going to be as well made as the prestige/japanese-made ones, but
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- Ibanez pickups are usually kinda crap. But then you cannot expect too much better from a relatively cheap guitar.

- The necks Ibanez's typically have are very thin and flat. With flat fretboards and big frets.

- It depends on what particular example of 7421 you're thinking of buying. Some examples of that model may not have any fret issues, while others will. Quite a lot of the manufacturing process of guitars, even the mass produced ones, are done by hand. Simply because there's no other way to build them. Wood is a naturally inconsistent material, and so some necks are going to dry out and develop fret problems more than others. There are too many variables at play for there to be a generalisation that's going to be very helpful.
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