I have a Duesenberg Grand Vintage bucker and a Domino P90 and I need some help determining which wire is which.

The grand vintage has a red, white, green, and black wire

The domino has a red, white and ground shielding

I basically need to know which wires are ground and which are hot. A diagram would be great. I'm working of a Seymour Duncan diagram for 1 single coli 1 humbucker 3 way switch, volume and tone.
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if you got a multimeter i can show you how, i actually take pickups apart to a certain degree if time isn't on my hands.

with a multimeter twist the wires at the ends and use 20k resistance in ohms and try two wires at a time. You get around 4 readings
for a humbucker this is each coil , full power or parallel. The highest resistance is your series wire combination.

remember bare is always ground to the base plate so twist that with one , twist the other two colors you feel the need to with something else, then start trying for readings.

here's their customer support website