Hey guys,

I came a couple weeks ago asking for a suggestion on buying a guitar and finally I bought a Ibanez RGIT20FE. I bought a Dunlop System 65 guitar tech kit for its maintenance but I have a few questions:

1. My guitar has a "natural flat" finish, will the polish and conditioner work well on the body, neck and head wood?

2. How often do I need to use the string cleaner and conditioner if I don't want the strings to become rusty? (My hands sweat a lot)

3. The fretboard is made from ebony (the instructions say the lemon oil only damages maple made fretboards), is it safe to use it? How often should I use it? how if my strings are fitted and tensioned? if it is to condition it, how do I clean it?

The guitar says "Maple/ Walnut neck-through construction", so where is the maple? I don't get this statement.

Thanks in advance!
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1. Not sure what a natural flat finish is. If it isn't polished (but satin or oiled), then I wouldn't use a polisher/conditioner on it.

2. After every time you play. You may also want to look into stainless steel strings, or GHS Subzero Boomers or Dean Markley Blue Steels or coated strings if corrosion is an issue.

3. It's safe. Maybe once a year or so or whenever it looks really dry. Apply some, and then wipe off. If you want to, just loosen the strings and apply.

4. One way to do a maple/walnut neck is three pieces of maple with two pieces of walnut sandwiched in between the maple; if it is a 5-piece neck. Same principle applies to however many pieces it is.
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1. Not sure what a natural flat finish is. If it isn't polished (but satin or oiled), then I wouldn't use a polisher/conditioner on it.

This is my guitar, the description says "Natural Flat".

Now I can see what you meant with the walnut/maple construction. But still I don't know, it seems like a unfinished guitar, but feels soft like if it had some kind of thing in the surface protecting the wood. How should I clean my guitar if the Dunlop 65 is not recommended?

The maple/walnut is the neck. It's a 7 piece neck as you can see. It has ash body wings. I've never heard of a flat natural finish though.
I'd send Ibanez an email just to be sure and ask them what they recommend to clean it.
As far as strings go, I just wipe them down with a dry cloth after every practice. For me at least, this is enough to prolong the life of the strings, and I sweat a fair bit. I always wipe the top of the strings, then slide the cloth between the strings and fingerboard/body.
EDIT: Sorry, just re-read your post. If you already have the string cleaner, use it. It might add some life to your strings, but I don't think it is worth buying it regularly.
^ Probably a load of crap


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