I am planning my pedal lineup for making ambient music and I want to use 2 delay pedals. I was thinking of using a Bos DD7 and a MXR Carbon Copy, but then I watched some FLashback Tripple Delay videos. It seems really awesome. Would the Flashback be a good substitute instead of buying multiple delay pedals?

Anyone use this pedal? Would it be a good idea to use this one in 3 delay pedal instead of just buying two? Thanks!
I, too, had thought about buying this one. I've been using multiple pedals to achieve an ambient sound and wanted them all in one... I owned the Flashback single pedal before and liked it, but I kept hearing horror stories of people's TC pedals breaking down, so I was reluctant to buy another.

Ended up going for the Boss DD500 and LOVE it.
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I have no opinion on the flash back, so I can't help there, but. I would get a malekko 616 over the carbon copy any day. it's the same price, and much better. You have more modulation controls, tb/bbp option and it is much more flexible IMO.
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