Hey guys! So I pulled the active Blackouts from my guitar and am throwing in a set of passives. My guitar is a Schecter Blackjack. It has 2 volume and 1 tone controls. I'm trying to follow this wiring diagram (http://www.seymourduncan.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/2H_3B_2V_1T.jpg) but the switch in the diagram is different from mine. My switch looks more like this it has all the soldering terminals on one side (http://guitarheads.net/products/electronics/images/3and5way.jpg).

Anyways thanks for any help guys!
smart move I'm not big on actives myself.

import switches are easy to work with, pretty much everything is in a line instead of side by side. So what this means is..

but here's how I'd do it
1/2 - bridge pickups volumes wiper contact

4/5 - this wire goes to the left contact on the tone

7/8 - neck pickup volumes wire contact

so it's like doing a les paul if you think about it, the hot lead is filtered out with the capacitor before the hot lead wire goes to the tip. I wish seymour duncan would give the option of import and american 5 ways. I actually like the imports more.

any wire that doesn't have a black circle on it isn't soldered together; i tried to make it a little more colorful. The way I did the switch was the guitarelectronics.com way , i've done it this way for years and never had an issue. In fact it's much easier to do this anyways.

for future reference copy this
Ah thanks for the help. I actually managed to figure out how the switch goes from trial and error and it all seems to work. Thanks for the reference though as it will help with future projects. So far I like the difference in the pups the passives actually seem like they are a bit hotter and tighter. Noticed the amount of gain I'm used to using was too much with these new passives!