the last track is my favorite, but take a listen to whatever if you have the time!

this was my first go at programming drums...a good bit of stuff i would have done differently listening to it now, but i committed, so eh fuck it. i'm not super stoked on the guitars either, i feel like less gain and more volume would have been better but i'm not bummin about it.

will return criticisms! love you all.
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Thanks for your crit Ygo. I think your music is great sounds like early blink 182. Makes me think of my one buddy who would listen to pop punk every time we were in his car, it grew on me and I started to like it quite a bit. It's a very dudeish type of folk music haha. Everything sounds great, the guitar riffs are awesome in Trenton, it's definitely my favorite too. The mix sounds great also, better then what I can do right now lol. Keep making music .