I'm looking for a preamp that sounds good to run from my B.C. Rich electric guitar to my Behringer 1202 fx mixer. I'm trying my best to stay below $50, anyone have any suggestions.
Have you tried connecting your guitar into the 1202FX as a microphone instead of line in?

That may not work if the guitar output signal level is too high, even with minimum microphone gain. IF that is the case, you might be able to build/buy an attenuator (e.g. a potentiometer divider at the end of the cable going to the mixer).
a used line 6 pod XT is nice , maybe 100$ american give or take, if it has the peavey 5150 (criminal i think its called) , engl powerball (angel spelled some way), marshal JCM800 , Bogner Uberschall (bomber on the XT) and the classic mesa boogie dual rectifier (treadplate) I suggest it, perhaps an X3 , live with the pedals or the kidney bean shaped ones are great. There are many pros to them, so far it's the most bang for ones buck in the used market.

if you're a mac person Bias by positive grid has one out and it does a great job, my friend does covers and one of the first ones he did was metallica , something from the first 4 albums "fans" only acknowledge and it sounded close to the legit thing. There of course is many usb based emulators out there that do a decent job too. None come to mind though, it's one of those things you got to try youtube like crazy.

stay away from digitech , their lowest end RP50 is a toy at best , they make some good pedals but their RP50 for example is not worth the 30$ I sold one for i got in a trade.

if you win the lottery or something
Kemper is my #1 pick , Line 6 pod has something new out , Eleven rack , the Axe FX Ultra II (or three whatever it is now) i am STARTING to like but I refuse to buy one. I'd rather spend the 2000 or so on a legit head and cabinet in the used market.

if the stock pickups on the BC Rich are the BDSM ones that say BC Rich on it noise gate and compression can be your best friend. I actually put a set in a jackson recently and still like them. It's how we work with what we have right?
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