my brain says i need to adjust the action, and/or go with heavier strings. theres no mute, the note hits fine, but good luck executing some vibrato.... the sound dies in a second. im no expert... thats why im here. any info on the saddle height and length would be appreciated, too... i think i have an idea, but again i want to learn from the jedi intonation masters.
A proper setup will help.
Polished frets will help.
Level frets will help.

In addition, I've had my frets superglued. Here's the techinque: http://www.stewmac.com/How-To/Online_Resources/Neck_Building_and_Repair_and_Setup/Super_glue_your_frets_for_better_tone.html

Custom guitars (and some vintage guitars) had/have their frets glued, usually with titebond or something similar. Modern production guitars rarely do. Too time-consuming. So what happens is that you've got the fret tang vibrating in a sometimes-too-large tang cavity, and you don't establish a solid connection with the neck of the guitar. On post-production guitars, a tech familiar with the process will "wick" thin superglue under the fret and into the tang cavity, where it will do two things. One, it will help prevent "flyer" frets caused by weather changes (dry climates, etc.), and Two, it will help eliminate "dead" frets and fill that tang cavity with solid glue.

My experience with fret superglue has been extremely positive, and I've been putting aside the money to have guitars that are new to me both glued and PLEK'd as part of a really good initial setup. I just consider it part of the purchase price.