Ok, I have an ESP LTD H-100FM. I've replaced the original pickup rings with Seymour Duncan's Triple shots (on both). The heads on the original screws that came with the original pickups rings have now stripped and I've lost a few in trying to make the rounds around town to find screws to replace them... thing is no one around town has an exact match to them at all... 3 different guitar stores and 1 of which is a generic instrument shop, a Lowes, and an Ace Hardware (White Jones)... ALL of which either had the one just below it in size or just above it in size or so they say...

What is the exact size of the two different screws I have in this guitar's pickup rings originally if anyone can tell? I've tried contacting the manufacture (ESP/LTD) and all they could tell me is it was some kind of OEM screw... and that they couldn't sell me any because of that. And so far haven't heard back on side.

Please, if anyone can help here it would help immensely as my rings are not all the way down or solidly placed... which is causing unstable placement of the pickups. And if you can provide a site to buy them from it would help greatly as well . Needs to be philips heads and that is what they were.


2 different screw sizes 1 for each pickup ring
what are there sizes

Philips Heads needed.
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Maybe buy new pickup rings or just use different screws?
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Yea, I picked that up already (correct size, lol. I basically found out the hard way I didn't have the right size oi. But yea, now I do). The problem I'm having is determining which size/type of Phillips head I have.

Thanks for the sites. But how to tell what I have so I can get an exact type, size, and thread size?
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you dont even have to plug and drill them , if the screw is to skinny just jam a tooth pick or any wiid shavings in the hole and re screw with any size screw.

also, i could be wrong about this but arent pickup ring screws a standard size for all rings? length i can see being different but thickness?
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