A bunch of nearly finished tabs by me (Battle Beast, Kreator, Raubtier, Superchrist))


So here's the deal. I used to spend a lot of time making tabs for this site before. A couple of ones I finished and submitted, they may not be perfect but some people seemed to find them useful since nobody else did tabs for these somewhat lesser known artists.

I'm a busy man with school and my own music projects and such going on. I don't have enough time to be an active member as much as I'd like to help the community.

I have a bunch of these unfinished guitar pro tabs. Some of them just miss a little piece of a solo, copypasting riffs, simple basslines, synths etc. But I have the majority down. It would be a shame if my work went to waste. Would some of you guys care to take a look and just add the finishing touch?

If you finish it, you can submit it as your own. I don't care for useless online votes to make me feel better. Just get them out there so people can play it as accurately as possible. But if you really want you can mention my username somewhere, or let me know once the tab is available.

Thanks for reading! Ask me if you have any questions.