Hello there.

Some very brutal riffs here. The drums are far too low in the mix for me though. This is just opinion, but for a heavy sound I think the power of kick and snare is essentially. In this case the kick is not coming through with any power, and the same goes for the snare. If thats a choice you made then cool - if its what you want then go for it. The cymbals appear to be all very high end frequencies too - it sounds a little weird. The guitars are a little too fizzy for me as well, although that might be better if they were lower in the mix.

Anyway, bad stuff out of the way - onto the good. The riffs are cool and I really enjoyed listening to this track. Your vocals are pretty damn evil sounding too (thats a good thing in my opinion). The break down around 2:20 is fucking sweet! The extra reverb on the guitars gives it a massive feeling, evil sound. The solo just after it is cool, although I felt the sound of the guitar was too dry and could have done with some delay/reverb to make it sit better.

Very nice track in my opinion.

If you fancy C4C - heres my track

Really nice song man. I agree with most of what RabidBadger said, other than about the guitar tone. I think the tone fits very well for an old school death metal sound. But the drums are definitely too quiet for me though, as well as the bass.