This is pretty cool. I really like the main lick followed by those really nice clean sweeps. I'm not a huge fan of the super detuned guitar tones but that is just an opinion and really the only critique I have for the song.

To me it sounds like you have some Joe Satriani influence. As an instrumental it kept me engaged and nothing seemed to be lagging on too much and the outro was a nice conclusion to the song.

Keep it up!
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I like it. It has a good main riff that shows the djent influence. I like the main guitar melody, you have some great licks in there, and its very interesting. I love how you vary up the tempo and main riff at 2:50 that really helps keep the song engaging. Overall great tune keep it up.

Would you mind taking a look at some recordings I have done and critique them.
I thought this track was killer from beginning to end. Seriously, I'd buy an album of stuff like this. Excellent work man!
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