I have searched extensively but I can't seem to find an answer for this. I am watching Gambale's Chop Builder and I have a question about this method... should I raise my finger from the fretboard after playing each note or is it ok to hold two or more notes at once? Watching the video it seems like he raises his finger and holds only one string at the time.
For high speed legato playing, you need your fingers, etc to be very relaxed. This means that the finger fretting some single note is applying just enough force for the note to sound properly, and the remaining fingers are as relaxed as possible. For some folk, that means having all the other fingers ever so slightly above the string. For others, that may mean resting fingers behind the fretting finger (i.e towards the nut) lightly on the string, or some combination of on/off. But the only real tension is in the fretting finger.

(The above doesn't hold for bending, vibrato etc)

A good trick, when you change fingers, is not to think of "pulling off" the current finger, but rather to imagine very strongly that you want to relax the finger off the string.

It's also very effective to just concentrate on your fretting hand, playing ridiculously slowly, to let the brain/muscle really sort out the mechanics of this. Similarly, practise the picking technique separately, and forget the fretting hand. Then put them together.
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