These tracks are kinda hard to categorize, hence all the adjectives
I'm more interested in your critiques and feedback - what works, what doesn't - than the categorization, but I happy happy to hear anything these songs make you think of.

Cape Veil Petrol

Pill Trove Peace

Leave a link to your track so I can check out your grooves as well!
Thank you
Hey man thanks for the crit!
Cape Veil Patrol: love the drum loop, very cool, the synths fit perfectly with it, I'm getting a huge NIN vibe from this, especially when the bass line comes in. I would add more distorted synths to it but that's just me. I'm a huge fan of the build up of all the instruments, the break around 2:40 is good but perhaps after move to something just a bit more different rhythmically wise? the guitar solo (?) is pretty cool, love the tone of it. 3:37 though is the shit, I only wise you extended that just a bit longer. Overall great track man but it does tend to repeat itself. You've definitely earned yourself a follower.

Pill Trove Peace: This starts with another infectious drum loop and bass melody. The guitar parts sound a bit artificial? I'm not sure if that was the idea but that's just my opinion. I have to ask, what VST do you use for your drums? definitely a lot more bluesier than the other one. Overall I enjoyed it but I much prefer the previous one! Great work man, keep it up. I'd be interested in hearing more stuff from you in the future!
"Cape": Interesting & good intro. That snare (?) sound seems pretty original. Audio quality is good, though I had to turn down the volume during the fuzzy lead guitar (I like the sound, though it hurt my ears at moderate volume). Whoot! Not a big problem, though I wasn't always wild about the multiple (non-fuzz) lead (though might be considered rhythm) guitars; but they usually sounded good. I might have made the song a bit shorter since there were no vocals. Electric bass tone & riffs were cool. Overall, the song is pretty cool! Please review my music at this link:

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For the drums, I worked with a combination of ambient sounds I recorded just from household items, some classic roland drum machine samples, and some sliced n diced breaks from both classic sources as well as just stock loops.
Cape Veil Petrol: Digging the drum sounds (white noise snare?), also getting a NIN vibe. Going into it, I like whats going on musically but feel like I would enjoy the early lead bits if there was 'bigger' tone or maybe just a bit more reverb to thicken it up. Guitar coming around 3:07 sounds sweet, nice and fuzzy. Production is solid in my opinion, mix sounds good on my monitors.

Pill Trove Peace: From the start, I like this one more than the first. Feel like you could go a lot of different directions with it, funk, pop, hip-hop or whatever. I think it could benefit from a bridge or change at some point in the song though.

I liked them both, nice stuff man.
Hey man!

You got some really interesting stuff going on! Really gig the overall vibe and groove on your songs. The production is killer too. Really like the bass and the drums. I really enjoyed these songs (even though i do not listen to this kinda music...im more of a heavy metal / hard rock kinda guy).

Looking forward to more tracks from you!

Cape veil patrol: Intresting track, alot of styles blended together. The clean lead guitar tone seems a bit boring, could maybe used some more intresting fx altrough the song. I feel the drumbeat is a bit too compressed too, there is definately potential to change that and make the track more dynamic. Its nice stuff overall, but maybe some more dynamic changes in terms of the lenght of the song? :-)
Pill Trove Peace is a great track man, I love that funky feeling bass and that drum beat gives off some hip-hop style vibes simple yet so effective. This kinda reminds me of streets of rage music, 2D side scroller, beat em up. I find the melody flows well throughout the track and I too dig the tone of the lead. This song definatly sets the tone for summer vibes! Great work man, I enjoyed it very much. If you havnt heard of streets of rage take a listen here man, what a game! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pueJhc9XF1c&list=PL816B151251004764&index=4
haha ive never heard this streets of rage music but i love it. 2D side scroller, beat em up might just be my favorite feedback on these tracks yet. thanks for sharing that with me!
Hey thanks for the critique I gave pill trove peace a listen I really liked the bass line here it grooved so well. The production and quality of this is top notch very impressive. Overall a great sounding track the echo sound really adds a cool level of depth to the song.
Wow these tracks are very unique and experimental, love the bass lines on both songs, and I really loved the guitar especially on Cape Veil Petrol they sound odd but in a very good way. The only mistakes I heard would probably the slip in (1:57) Cape Veil Petrol, but other than that these tracks are great.
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Really diggin the jazzy feel I get from these. Some nice background music to have on loop or for ambiance. My only complaint is the snare drum in Trove, sounds a little too synthetic and generated. Other than that I like it so far
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Jmako nice tracks. Cape veil has a awesome intro that bass line that comes in is nice and heavy the intro builds up very well, I like the Spanish esque vibe you get with the clean guitar riffs. The drop off of some of the drums and bass at 2:40 is a nice break and recaptures your attention with another nice build up. The lead guitar tone at 3:08 is to fuzzy for my taste it doesn't sound bad, but you have some nice phrasing and it muddies it up to much. Nice outro also I like droplet watery sounds in music .

Pill Trove has more awesome bass lines, I like the weather sounds you use in here. You're very creative with these unconventional sounds you mix in this. The clean lead guitar blends in very nicely and it doesn't command you to listen to it, it's very passive you create very relaxing music.

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Cape veil Petrol:
Very unique sounding and hard to categorize. Very enjoyable! Love the bass line! You got some really nice phrasing on the lead guitars. I like how there is clear themes going on and still lots and lots of variety with the sounds. Very nice use of dynamics! Especially the part in 2:40 where the percussion drops out. The only thing I really craved was some delay for the eastern flavored lead guitar part in 0:55 and 2:00. I had to listen to this track couple of times to get fully into it. That's a good thing. You caught my attention

Pill Trove Peace:
Love the chill atmosphere! Very interesting percussion in the background. I'm really interested to know how you did them? This track reminds me of a Can album Future Days. Same as the previous track: the bass line is fantastic. I imagined myself hanging around on a solitary beach, maybe with a nice beer and a guitar to jam along with the track. No "complaints" about this one. Perfect!

Very interesting and unique music! You got a new follower
Akkeli thanks for the kind review! I'm glad you tapped into the variety of sounds at play - structurally, these songs are pretty simple, but texturally, there's a lot going on for sure. It means a lot that you took the time to let my song sink in for you, there's always more than meets the eye!

As for the percussion, I just went back to check cuz I didn't remember but believe it or not they're all coming from the same synth preset. At the beginning there's the metallic reverby sounds and then a swirling sound like a spinning top and then after the rest of the instruments come in there's the high pitched reverbed out click. I assume those are the ones you mean and they're all just a function of playing different spots on the keyboard with a Korg preset called Velo Spin. I usually find these things by accident and then include them if they sound cool haha, hope that answers your question. Thanks for asking!
Cape Veil Petrol:
Nice groove at the beginning. Like that thin guitar melody. It get's a bit repetive after a while. Maybe you should break it up somehow, or do some varation to the bass? That being said, I like the overall feeling, even though this is not really my cup of tea.

Pill Trove Peace:
Now this is more my thing! Nodding my head to that bassline That guitar sound reminds me a bit of Mike Oldfield. Cool variations to the bass. Really enjoyed that.
All in all I think you got some cool things going here wiht both songs, but I must say I prefered "Pill Trove Peace".

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Cape Veil Petrol - The intro is very captivating and the bass riff is great! The different guitar tracks are mixed really well. The fuzz leads were amazing!

Pill Trove Peace - The groove in this one is fantastic! I love the bass line you played. The guitar playing is very clean and sounds fantastic! I love the tone you used. The drums and bass complimented each other very well.

Also, the mixing on both tracks is very clean and professional sounding!

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Sorry for the delay in response! My ear drum ruptured, and had me down and out for almost 2 weeks. Anyways, here goes!

Listening to Cape Veil Petrol:

Intro is catchy, and ambient. Very atmospheric. The bass addition around :35 is groovy groovy, and the acoustic backing leads only add to the vibe more. Love the bit at 2:40ish. Nice way to change it up a bit, and bring out the ambience. The solo that starts around 3:00 is mixed great, and surprisingly fitting for the song, and the change around 3:40 or so adds some nice layering to it. The fading outro is a great way to end the song, and I loved that last little piano sounding effect during the last couple seconds. I can't think of anything negative to say about it, and I quite enjoyed the listen. Very mellow. and very catchy groovy.