Hi there,

I have a couple of guitars for sale or trade.

Jackson KE3 Pro in Eerie Dess Swirl

Asking price: £520 ono
Photos: www.flickr.com/photos/124844109@N08/albums/72157662671068480

I love this guitar, but have decided to sell it as my music tastes have changed. I play less hard rock/metal now and more soft rock, jazz and blues, so my Strat now gets played most of the time.

The paintwork is stunning as you can see from the photos, and when combined with the iconic Kelly shape it really stands out. The guitar is in pristine condition and has only ever left my house for the occasional lesson or jam session at a friend's house; it has never been gigged. It has spent most of its life in the genuine Jackson gig bag which will also be included.

The guitar's playability is brilliant; the neck is one of the fastest I've ever played and the Floyd Rose tremolo can take a lot of abuse before losing any tuning.

I will be extremely sad to let this guitar go but it's not fair to keep it locked away in a spare room most of the time!

Ibanez RG7321 7 string

Asking price: £250 ono
Photos: www.flickr.com/photos/124844109@N08/albums/72157660910459644

This guitar is in excellent condition. I bought it brand new in 2008, and since then it has had quite an easy life! It has never been gigged and has rarely left my house. I have really enjoyed owning it, but unfortunately my musical tastes have moved on and as such this rarely gets played.

In terms of playability, the neck is wide (being a 7 string) but is quite thin and surprisingly fast to play. If you haven't played a 7 string before, it takes some getting used to but you'll be comfortable pretty soon.

As with most 7 string players, I mainly used this to play metal songs, and as you can imagine it does that pretty well with its high output pickups. But it is also able to handle a range of tones from fuzzy Muse-esque songs, to nice cleans such as the intro to Broken Wings by Alter Bridge.

There are a few minor scratches as expected on a used guitar, the most notable is near the 5 way selector switch as shown in one of the photos linked above. Note that even this scratch is only really visible under certain lights, and this photo was taken with a bright flash.

Will consider a deal on either of these guitars as part of a trade for:
PRS SE Custom 24 (bevelled top - 2012 or later)
PRS SE Custom 22 Semi-hollow
PRS SE Santana (2011 or later, higher end SE model).
Or the S2 equivalents of the above models.

Preferably collection from either Leamington/Gaydon (weekdays only) or Bromsgrove/Droitwich areas. I can deliver within reasonable distance of these if buyer pays for the fuel.

Would consider courier but the buyer would have to pay for it. I've not shipped a guitar before so I'm not sure of the cost.
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