Traditional Splinters

I feel it getting colder,
The wind chill is far from accurate,
It's so far below zero,
Why hasn't it killed me yet?

(it's your warm heart, stupid)
Exhaled vapor freezes on my skin,
(Don't let this winter be ruined)
Snow and it's peace will make whole again.
All the lost joy,
All the wonder,
Listen to me boy,
You've got to plunder)

(dive in so deep,
Lose all sense of this dimension,
Show me what there is to Love,
I only see cold and frozen progression.)

Hear me out now, Love,
There's deep rooted reasons for my joyous hopes,
(I'm listening)
This is where freedom is personified,
Winter's chill has no grip,
Immune to all but possibility.
(go on)

I feel your body changin',
Takin' in my vivid explanation,
I will warm you up this winter,
My distant memories will splinter,
We will start our own traditions
Keeping the cold t bay,
I'd Love to see your renditions,
I'd Love forever for this to stay.

It's starting to warm up,
I'm liking the idea,
Of putting you in these new memories,
Help me turn those feelings to onomatopoeia,
Questioning what you're thinking,
Is double edged,
It keeps effort always thriving,
But I'm always wedged,
Between what lifts you to the moon,
And what drives you up the wall.
Not letting that thought spiral consume me,
I can't let these high spirits fall.

Follow me blindly into the midnight air,
However frigid on your skin,
It's refreshing to your lungs,
You don't even cough.
Flakes cover us in this streetlight display,
Spinning in our tracks,
Losing track of time,
A dip for good measure with fear in your eyes,
Your eyes close; bracing for impact.
Caught by surprise,
Pressure on your lips,
Not your back,
Just as the sun begins to rise.

(you've got this way of explaining things,
To make anything sound extraordinary,
You make the cold inside fade away,
Peace is a newfound comforting reality,
I hate you for giving this to me,
You could have left me cold and content,
Now I'm growing into expecting,
This level of attention i reject.
You know i don't deserve this.)
I promise that you do,
I'm only giving back what i get from you.
(I'll never be able to repay this)
Who's keeping tabs,
Just promise to keep trying,
Even if we aren't smiling.
(i Love you)