I have an older Goya Deluxe electric in very good condition. It looks like a black Les Paul and was made in Japan so I have been told this dates it to early 70's. It says Deluxe and was manufactured by C.F Martin... Does anyone have any knowledge of these guitars as far as price, year and etc. any help greatly appreciated, thanks!
I know it's none of my business to ask rude questions about things I don't have much background info on, but...why would anyone sell something beautiful or awesome if it is still useful? From what it appears on eBay, there's selling for about $280-$350 and beyond depending on the condition. As far as the history goes, you're right on with the era. 1975-1979 in Japan. Martin/Goya was quite the company when I heard about it from an older friend who had a few from there. It might very well be a '77. I have no main idea other than that. Hope this helps any.