I played the few chords I know on one of these at the GC today and liked how light and slim the body was. Anyone have a review of one. Also I'm trying to figure out the difference between the RG6003 and the RG421. The setups look the same as far as equipment goes (I think). I looked at the Ibanez buying guide but still can't see what the difference is.



The look the same except for the figured top on the PB model.

If you really want to look at the exact specs...as far as neck radius, etc...go to the official Ibanez site. They really give you a good breakdown. I've done the work for you (because I'm bored), so here's the link for the 6003. I can't find the PB model on the site, so it must be discontinued. It looks like the same guitar however, with the same specs. Just different finish.