I am an intermediate guitarist. I can solo and play precisely, but I'm no expert. I just learned both the Sultan's of Swing solos. I used videos from this guy:


he is great. When I started, I had no chance at playing these solos. It took my just under two months to get them down. I practiced them every day for as much time as I could afford. Now I can shred them, and it feels awesome. It pushed me to a whole new level for all my solos. I use more arpeggios and sweeps now, I can play faster, and I learned a few new moves that can be used in many songs.

I'm looking for suggestions for a new project to focus on, something out of my reach, that will make me a better guitarist. I'm a classic rock guy, but I'm open to any suggestions.
I would actually start learning a bit of theory. That stuff sweeps across all genres and it's what makes music, well music. Learn Scales and chords formations, these will surely help you.

If you're not really feeling that, try some Police or Aerosmith. Joe Perry especially rips off a few great solos in his music. Ritchie Blackmore is also a lot more than Smoke on the Water... Try like Highway Star or Burn.

Just make sure you want to dive in something you want to do.
Well anything that you can't already play will get you closer to being a good guitarist. Remember to focus on all aspects of your playing when you learn new music. It's not just notes and rhythms, but technique, feel, tone...
It depends a lot on what kind of guitarist you want to be. For myself I was always attracted to a variety of styles and that developed my skills more broadly. Now I'm comfortable playing jazz, country, rock, metal, funk, R&B, flaminco and even finger picked acoustic in a variety of styles such as James Taylor and Chet Atkins. If you're drawn to the idea of versatility you might try mastering something from a different style next.
Quote by cdgraves
Well anything that you can't already play will get you closer to being a good guitarist.

Yep, and sometimes songs that you feel you can play. Try recording the songs you can play and really critique them, the attention to detail should help.
Learn Another Brick in the Wall or Comfortably Numb solos. In the same wheelhouse as Sultans.

For something really different tackle My Sharona - The Knack.
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