I have to say that I could've done a hell of a lot worse then this. There is absolutely nothing on this bass which suggests how much I paid for it.

It's an SR600 with a very pretty ash body. I've seen a couple of these basses online and some of them have more interesting grain/growth ring patterns than others. But I got lucky with this example.

The oil finish on the body feels very organic and tactile, yet very smooth. I had traded this bass with a cheap GSR180 and this 600 is a bit heavier than the GIO, probably because of the Barts and the active gubbins they put in these basses and possibly because it was basswood. Nice active gubbins I must say. The active 3 band has a very wide EQ range and all the knobs and pots are positive-feeling. Good to have since there are so many of them, at least from a guitarist's perspective.

Neck is of course the Jatoba/Bubinga 5pc that anyone with a mid-range SR will feel familiar with. Very, very thin and flat. The oil finish has a satin-y and porous feel because there's no grain filler. The fretboard has a low, fast action with very little fret buzz. The edges of the fretboard are rolled and the fret edges themselves are rounded over perfectly. Not a single sharp edge to be found on the entire instrument.

It has a chunky, high mass bridge, again nothing sharp or intrusive, the nut is cut very well (looks/feels like a graphite one) and the tuners are tight, yet smooth. No notchiness or play in them whatsoever.

The Barts sound great, as expected. Very versatile and punchy. They're not too hot either. Great for playing in a high gain mix as they have enough mids to be heard without sounding too honky. I'm very satisfied with them.

The only slight criticism I have is that the 21st fret inlay has a slight crack in the abalone. It tells me that the inlay isn't just some fake plastic but rather actual shell and it doesn't affect playability whatsoever, but it would've been nice if all the inlays were perfect. That's pretty much the only thing that's wrong with this particular example, and it's no reason to justify returning it since everything else about it has been executed so well.

So in summary,

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Omae wa mou

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