Hello. My name is Josh, this is my first post and I am here to discuss my very first project guitar. its a Slammer guitar by Hamer i think thats how it goes could be the other way around (i dont know its not next to me).

ANYWAYS i need help discussing how to er how do i put this? re paint the guitar. i want to give it a Jackson Pollock look and i looked at youtube videos but they arent that informative on how to do what i want (i may just not have seen the right video)

And i was wondering if you guys, here on ultimate guitar can help me out with my guitar project!

the guitar in the photo is what im dealing with. (the pickups will be replaced)
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You can repaint the guitar or you can order an AxeWrap. In fact, you could probably have them print out a real Pollock, change colors, whatever. AxeWraps are about $35, easy to apply, very tough (it's the same thing that custom car builders use to wrap Lambos) and removable when you're tired of it and want to redo the guitar further down the road. In addition, I'm willing to bet you could ask axewrap (the second company, below) to wrap your body (ship them just the body, not the neck) for you.

http://www.axewraps.com/ and/or http://www.axewrap.com (different companies) www.fourthfloorgraphics.com

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Thank you so much! will definitely look into this. Would prefer doing this then sending it to a pro and pay them hundreds of dollars.