Hey guys, I recently overhauled my rig and an thinking I need a noise suppressor to help cut back on the hum and feedback I am getting. I now have an EVH 5150 iii Mini 50 going into an Orange PPC212 cab. I use the amp overdrive as well as a Digitech Bad Monkey pedal to tighten up the crunch, but depending on which guitar I use I can get a lot of feedback between notes. I assume a noise suppressor would help kill that unwanted noise?

I am looking at the Boss NS2 which a friend has and likes a lot, or the ISP Decimator II which is a bit more pricey. I do not gig or anything, purely a hobbyist player as of now so the cheaper Boss pedal is looking better to me, but I hear the ISP pedal is top tier. Is it worth the extra $40ish dollars?

My guitars/pups that I use (if it matters?) are:

Fender American Standard Tele (stock pups)
Fender Standard Strat
Dean Z Select (Jazz/JB)
Dean Dave Mustaine V (Livewires)
Washburn Parallaxe (Jazz/Distortion)
Charvel Skatecaster (EMG 81/85)

Thanks guys.
Went ahead and ordered the ISP Decimator II. Tons of good reviews and my salesman at Sweetwater recommended that to me as well over the Boss and MXR alternatives. It will arrive tomorrow! One good perk about living in the same state as Sweetwater, though I do have to pay tax!
sweet, let us know what it's like (i have the original decimator).
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I own the original Decimator and the other guitarist in my band has the Decimator II,

these babies win hands down against any other noise gate I tried (and I've tried quite a few). Had only bad luck with the Boss NS-2 in the past...