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Voters: 8.

We'll start the year with a FREE WEEK, but before that...

Congratulations to the winner of the BEST SONG OF THE YEAR!: ultimate-slash with "Spring Princess"!
And thank you to everyone who voted/participated!

The objective of this thread is to vote on the song you like the most, but remember: don't base your vote on the quality of the recording, base it on the content.

Here they are:

1 - "Hipsters Building Morgues" (xTURTLENECKx)

2 - "room 107 jam ft. matt and taylor" (deadsmileyface)

3 - "悲しみ (sadness)" (yoman297)

4 - "Terrible Fate" (FoOltz)

5 - "Ashes" (mind_meld, SirZep)

6 - "Your Pillow Is My World (Part One)" (Trifonas)

7 - "They Said" (ultimate-slash)

Here's last time's most voted FREE WEEK song,
from SirZep, it's "Inferior One"!


Here are last time's most voted COVERS,
from K'Nuckles, the song "Brave (Katatonia cover)",
and from ultimate-slash, the song "Always (Erasure cover)"!

If you too want to become a better songwriter/gigolo consider joining our group (http://groups.ultimate-guitar.com/mozartfactory/), all the info you need to join this weekly "contest" is there.

The votes will be counted this Thursday (post your song for next week meanwhile). The winner of this week's voting will be a mod in our group.



Check out the previous COVERS thread here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1693293
Check out the previous FREE WEEK thread here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1689215

CHECK OUT THE SONG OF THE YEAR 2015 THREAD HERE!: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1694057
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inb4 he doesn't get any votes so it didn't matter anyway

jk, it's a cool song and I might vote for it
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Small confession:

I voted for your song but now I have to re-evaluate my vote and don't know who I'll vote for

Cool pic btw, did you get a haircut? You seem younger in this one.
Voted for turtleneck. It's punchy and well executed and quirky and I like the sort of awkward slapback on the drums and the vocals are tight. I ship it

Also btw the production on the Harrison Graves is easily the best on the collaboration so far. The vocal production and guitar production are a huge up from your previous stuff. Plus mind_meld is on point vocally.

TBH last time I listened to these songs I had a little bit of a migraine so listening to them again is like listening to completely different songs haha. I definitely enjoy them all way more. Foltz's song is great and the outro he added since last time I heard the song is really . Trifonas' song is also really and I love the melody and the arrangement. Also ctrl ult / has a really good sober cover song as well

My thoughts are like Tarantino movies right now, I think I need to go to bed. But I just realized that I skipped some songs in my quasi track by track review but I really liked those songs as well so w/e
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Quote by whywefight
Oh wait are you taking that seriously? They're completely different songs lmao

Nah, but I was honestly thinking of covering sober, and I think subconsciously the guitar and drums were definitely based on it
Sorry for the negative comment earlier. I got pissed off at work and was in a pretty bad mood. Some of the songs are pretty alright to be honest.
Quote by sickman411

Props for knowing how my name is written
Correct dictation and all.

Will listen to the tracks sometime today and vote then since I'm still at school.
Just cause you feel it, doesn't mean it's there.
You sent an email to the songwriting game email ages ago and your name showed up in proper Greek, so I kind of knew from there. Then I actually went there and checked which was a good idea because I was gonna spell it with an iota
Guys, I'm a bit worried. It would seem Franc (aka sickman411) is gathering data on all of us, and I don't know what he's using it for
Quote by whywefight
Hey, it happens to everyone. Make up for it by submitting a song next week!

Writing songs as we speak!
Mini can you make the polls last longer?
I always return home at night and they're already closed
Just cause you feel it, doesn't mean it's there.
Yeah just post the link to your song in our group's comment section thingy
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Quote by Dalton99
How can I submit a song? I have a few good new ones cx