I recently got interested in guitars, I need a budget guitar under 200$. I like Slash, Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park, Jimi Hendrix, Ac/Dc and The Eagles
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Also, I know you are probably tired of these noob questions, but help a guy out please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
ok,if you have such a low budget,you should get an Affinity squier with HSS configuration.
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ok,if you have such a low budget,you should get an Affinity squier with HSS configuration.

Not a bad recommendation.

You could also look into Yamaha Pacificas. Great guitars for the price.
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I have indeed heard good things about the Pacifica, never played one though.

I think Squier, Ibanez, maybe Epiphone all have decent guitars for your budget, probably a few others i forgot to mention. Now, this wasn't my first guitar, but I recently got a used Affinity Strat for €145 (so about $175) and it's not too bad apart from having to take it to a tech for €30 or so (small problems the previous owner was also clueless about. I'm probably the 4th owner, at least). You'll hear everybody talking shit about the Affinity series, but I like them better than the Standard series Strat I started on at age 12.

Which leaves me with 2 tips for you:

1. The used market is definitely worth checking. Used Epiphone Standards will sometimes go for $200 (they're,what, $300 new?), and some of the better used Squiers (especially the Vintage Modified series) will definitely be within your budget.

2. Going back to my shitty first guitar: every guitar you will ever buy, ever, is gonna need a setup from a guitar tech before you can play it comfortably. Cheap guitars can actually sound and feel amazing with a good setup. I had friends do it for me for as little as €20, not sure what they'd charge at your local store. I seriously quit playing for a long time because I wasn't comfortable playing the cheap ass Standard Strat. It wasn't that good to begin with, but the lack of a proper setup just made it worse, and I really believe it's one of the leading causes of players quitting in their first year.
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Go to your local pawnshop and get yourself an Epiphone Special II or Epiphone SG or a Fender Affinty. Personally I don't like the Fender Affinity series but thats my opnion. Get something with dual humbuckers.
Yes, the epiphone special 2 is great for the price. Its all preference though. Try out both or any guitar really that catches your eye in your price range. You might be suprised in what you like.