Howdy all,

Just a brief question as I'm having a hard time knowing where to start. So I've been playing guitar for about 13 years or so, and am quite good at just running through songs. Ive learnt some scales throughout my time and know the basics of chords and the like, but I've decided that it's time to commit fully and learn all the necessities of becoming a great guitar player.

Can anyone suggest where's best to start? I've been looking online at scales, modes, chords but don't know how to best marry everything together. I've been reading through some lessons on here but once I think i have more of a handle on something, I scroll down and come across info that makes me question life itself.

So yeah, any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

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first thing to learn is that there is no such thing as guitar mastery. you'd be hard pressed to find anyone that is good in every style of playing let alone a master.

learning your way around the fret board in terms of chord construction and various scales will get you a step or two closer. the hard part is learning phrasing and such as that is what makes or breaks you in terms of performing on the guitar. no real lessons you just have to learn to go with your gut on thaat.
Personally I think moving to the next level beyond just playing a song is a combination of understanding theory and developing your ear. What I see a lot of times are guitarists that have their favorite way of playing chords, so they apply that to any and every song that uses such a chord, and that's why they often sound okay, but still something is off.

The first thing I'd do in your case is start learning songs from scratch without any aids. Listen closely so you can emulate exactly the sound that's being played. Whether it's a lead line or chords, it will sound different based on where it's played on the fretboard and what kind of inversion or variations are used in the construction of the chord. You can sometimes get these things from tabs, but in my experience there are as many inaccurate tabs as there are accurate ones. Developing a good ear is one of the most underrated of all guitar skills in my opinion.
Choose what you like to play and concentrate on that. Their aren't enough hours in the day to be a Guitar Master. Definitely learn how tonal harmony and melody function together if you don't already know. It will give you a sound basis and understanding especially if you plan on working with other musicians.

There certainly is an art to songwriting. Crack that code and you'll be laughing.