I'm after a nice electro acoustic that has a decent all round sound for the price and also would like one that's a but more comftably for the chords where your fingers are crammed up as I have to use middle ring and little finger to play an open a as my other 3 do not fit and some awkward other cramped chords it really hurts to get my fingers togetjer at the minute.

I play green day blink, ed sheeran, the kooks, oasis , rhcp the killers so thats the sort of sound range I'd like.

I don't want to pay too much because I can't afford it but my cheap 89 pound indie guitar has gone past it's use ability too me now after a few years of starting out and is just too small and cramped up for the chords I want to use.
There are a lot of very good inexpensive guitars out there these days, so I would be trusting my ears and just going out a playing a few that take my fancy. - Taking string age into account. However, what I do consider very important is a decent neck angle* so that if the geometry deteriorates over time it can be compnesated by lowering the saddle. I would also budget for a set up if you don't do your own.

* A good neck angle is one in which the action can be got as low as you like it, and still have a reasonable amount of saddle, say 2 to 2.5mm showing above the bridge. You can eyeball it with practice by looking down the neck the side of the headstock towards the bridge. If the neck were straight, which it shouldn't be, the top of the frets should point at the top of the bridge, excluding the saddle