Ok, so before you go and say "$300!!, you'll never get anything truly gig-worthy with that", I just wanna clarify I'm not against buying used. In fact, I'm pretty sure anything new in this range will just be a practice amp. So, that being said, I'm looking for some suggestions you all may have on amplifiers CLOSE to the 300 dollar range. Prefferably, I'd spend no more than $250, but really, all I'm asking for are basic suggestions. You guys suggest the amps, and I'll do the price hunting on my own. My current amp is a Fender Mustang 1 v2. I've used fuse to get some pretty remarkable tones with this thing. (I bet if I showed you a mic'ed recording, you'd never guess the amp.) I'm not saying this to brag. I'm saying this because for what it is, the Mustang is a very versatile little amp, and hopefully whatever I upgrade to will be versatile too. I'm not a fan of 1 trick pony amps. That being said, my style is a basic fusion of classic rock and modern hard rock/metal. I love the rhythm tone of Anberlin personally, as well as Theory of a deadman. For my mustang, I use a 60's tube simulated amp model, cranked, and with my Wylde overdrive in the line. I like strong, fat distortion. The kind that doesn't sound too dry or thin when muted... not really sure how else to describe it. Anyways, I'd like something that can take my overdrive well, and utilize the Dragonfire crusaders (Seymour Duncan invader clones) in my guitar for full-powered, grungey tone.
Amps I've been considering are:

- Peavey Bandit 112 (Got to play the newest "cyclops" bandit and really liked it, but also curious about the older "USA redstripes")

- Fender Mustang III (Although when I tried it, it didn't sound as good as my mustang stock, and got way too loud too fast)

- Orange Micro Dark

- Randall RVC 5 watt tube amp (But I've never played one, so I'm not sure)

-Line6 Flextone II (Liked the sound, but the one I played was busted. 0.o)

If you have any other suggestions, I'd really appreciate them. Thanks so much for reading my rant, and have a great day.
I bought my Acoustic DSP 120 for $89 at a pawn shop and it is definitely worth checking out. You can find them used for $150-$200. They give you great clean tone, and can also give great heavy distortion and takes pedals very well. It's also very giggable in terms of sound with 2 x 12 speakers. Also check out the Fender Champion 100. You can get one used for $250 or maybe less. If I had more money at the time I would have gotten this amp because in my opinion Fender just has superior sound. Also has 2 x 12 speakers.
With your familiarity of your Mustang 1 (v2), and Fender FUSE, try to find a new on sale or lightly used Mustang III (v2) 1x2 or a lightly used Mustang IV (v2) 2x12. The MIII v2 can be found as low as $249 new when marked down on sale. Although the Mustang peripherals (foootswitches and EXP-1 Pedal) are not comaptible with your MI, everything else you have would be.

If you have an Android device check out the REMUDA App. It goes beyond many of FUSE's features and does things FUSE lacks.
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Update: So after pondering on this for a few days... (and doing a metric ton I research) A listing went up on guitar center for a used Peavey Redstripe, USA made bandit for $139. I couldn't resist. So , it's on its way here, and I should get it in the mail in about a week. I'll make sure to post an update on how this goes. Thanks for your suggestions, everyone.