Nice! The guitar sounds great man! Can't think of anything I would change. You could try messing around with the EQ to make it more prominent in the mix though. Just a thought!

For me in terms of the performance, it's cooler when you're more into what you're doing and not really caring about the camera. You could try different camera angles and some video editing to balance out the colors.

All in all great performance though!
Nice job. Your performance was consistent throughout, by just keeping it bluesy and simple which is what Gary Moore was known for.

My critique of your performance would be to add reverb or dial in more delay. Not too much, but enough to audibly here in the mix and to possibly give the guitar tone more depth. And also perhaps focus on tightening your phrasing, like paying attention to how you mute with your picking hand as there were one or two moments where there was open string noises. Nothing too detrimental, but worth keeping an eye on.

Other than that, good job. Keep doing what you're doing, oh and thanks for commenting on my video BTW.
nice playing! I would gone with maybe a little less bass in the tone, maybe a tiny bit less gain. This would avoid those crackly moments, though over all good. I maybe would've tried to throw in some pinch harmonics, but it sounded fine without.

thanks again for the rate on my thread
Hey, thanks for the crit on my Floyd cover! This is pretty good stuff, I love how emotional your licks are, good note choices! to be honest, judging by the look of the guitar I was expecting overbearing shredding but I was pleasantly surprised! I agree with some of the previous critiques that your tone could do without some of the bass and gain, I maybe would have added a bit more compression with some reverb and delay so it sits in the mix better...but hey no worries! you did a good job here