Hi I asked my sister to buy me an ATH M20x headphones and she returned with a Vic Firth Isolation Headphones. I did tell her that I need headphones for my e-kit. However I also plan on using this to practice guitar at night. Does anyone have any experience with this headphones? Should I keep it or exchange it for something else? Thanks!
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They are okay. Many people complain about one of the sides going out, though.

I guess it is only best for one type of use (drums), so I might return it for headphones that can be used for drums, guitar and listening to music like the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro, ATH-M30x or the Shure shr440. What do you think?
Up to you. You might get a better response posting in the Recording section with this kind of thing next time, though.

You can find some AKG K 240 Studio for cheap on Amazon. They were recommended to me when I asked about headphones and they seem pretty neat.
They are great for sound isolation if you're a drummer, not a very good response or range, I only used them on drummers while they were tracking their studio parts and needed to hear a band mix. There are much better headphones if you don't need the isolation.
I have had mine for a year and counting. Perfect for drumming to music. I have never had a problem!