Can not figure out this riddle.

In the wake of the 2015 Fender Hendrix Stratocaster release; if Hendrix had a sig tele what would it be, and the features and color options? I thought he played a tele with a strat neck or vice versa.....

Fender should have considered this because why sell one guitar when you can sell two.Hah!

Also, after much asking I can not figure out the production limits for the Hendrix Strat model; any thoughts?
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I guess it was a tele neck on a strat once. Hmm. Cant find his list of all owned guitars right now.

Blackguard tele,not bad, a classic.

A natrual dark/black Rosewood tele RH body, maple board reverse tele neck, satin silver brushed hardware and tuners. Twisted pickups with baja 4-way s1 switch on a black alligator guard.

Would suit him well!
I went options for the ciggerettsQ
If Hendrix had a sig tele, it would look exactly like a strat.
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...... when Gibson announced a Strat styled guitar. Lmfao. What a fucking grab for money joke endorsement.

Guess hendrix wasent knowen to play a tele. Bummer
I went options for the ciggerettsQ
i mean i'm pretty sure all his strats were cbs so if he had a tele it would probably also be cbs so white pickguard blocky headstock writing etc
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although jimi used a tele for the rhythm guitar tracks on a couple of songs on Are You Experienced it belonged to noel redding not jimi. the strat with the tele neck was used a t a few pub gigs in teh early days. story goes that the strat he was using had neck issues and when they tried to replace it allthey could find on short notice was a tele neck. presumably when a proper strat neck or replacement strat was found (they weren't common in england in late 66 - early 67) the tele neck was replaced.