Hi all, I am doing some research over acoustic simulation pedals. This is not to really substitute of an acoustic guitar but I needed for 1-2 songs during rehearsals or live gigs and don't want to carry my acoustic. I am looking also in multi-effect solutions so that I can cover tuner, flanger, chorus or other effects that maybe could lighted my pedalboard (esp. tuner).

So i have checked the following:
- Zoom MS-50g
- Zoom MS-100BT (similar to the above but with bluetooth - no big deal for me)
- Yamaha MagicStomp (good but too big pedal for my board)
- Zoom G3 (maybe too big)
- Digitech 360 (maybe too big)
- BOSS AC-2 or 3
- Joyo Wooden Sound
- Mooer Acoustikar

Does anyone have any experience with the above or other solutions that you could suggest?
I've used the Boss AC-3 and it did a decent job as long as you direct the output to the mixing board rather than your amp.
I use the boss ac2.Works well for me in the single coil neck pickup.Not so well in the humbucker bridge pick up on the same guitar.
The secret of almost any acoustic simulation was touched on by dunedindragon, above. Don't run it through your guitar amp, but direct it to speakers with a much wider frequency response.

I use Variax guitars, which have some amazing acoustic guitar models built in. But they sound like poo run through a standard set of guitar speakers. Run through something with a full range frequency response, they sound puzzackly like a miked acoustic.
The Boss is decent. I used a Boss GT-10 which has the sims of their pedals so you can run that into PA or an amp, in my case I used a tube power amp and preamp in my setup so I was able to bypass the preamp and run direct into the power amp which in essence achieved similar results as if running it into the PA. Being able to put some extra fx as compression, chorus and reverb on top of the acoustic sim to hide the fact that it is in fact a fake also helps