Aside from a very brief stint with a JSX (with which I never could get along), I have never owned a high gain amp. Until today! Well, until some time next week, I guess, when my Mesa Mark V head comes in! So, seeing as ho I've had a UG account for years but never posted on anything other than news articles, I figured I'd give it a go on a predominately metal board (I didn't figure TDPRI would be my best resource for this inquiry).

I'm shooting for some high-gain rock tones (not quite to metal territory). Largely in the vein of A Perfect Circle's Mer de Noms album. Also think newer Alice In Chains. Not those exact tones, mind you, or I'd have bought something more British in nature, but the more American 6L6 equivalent.

So first, the speaker. I have an Orange 1x12 with a V30 that will work fine for now on a low wattage mode, but I'm curious if anyone would suggest anything else for the tones mentioned above. It seems like a safe bet, but I figured it's worth seeing if there's anything better out there. I'll need at least a 2x12 eventually and I can try out other suggestions then.

Second, I have an old SD-1 that should fill the tighter, aggressive Tube Screamer territory. What other drive pedals do you like with high gain amps that do something different? I know it's a vague (and maybe dumb) question, but I'd like a starting point in case I find myself thinking "I wish I could make it sound a little more _____ for this riff."

And that should do it! Thanks in advance to those who take the time to respond.
I'll tackle the TS territory. I have the SD-1 as well and to be honest it has stayed for many years and others have come and gone. I use it as a boost (level high, gain low). I know a lot of people recommend the Bad Monkey as well. Lately I have been using the Xotic EP booster to add a little more break up on the clean channels.

As far as cabs are concerned a 2x12 will offer you some more low end, and a 4x12 even more. The 1x12 will suffice for the time being but I have a feeling that you will want to hear a more pronounced low end eventually and then up the ante to either a 2x12 or 4x12.

Excellent choice in APC and AIC by the way, I would think a V30 loaded cab should easily get you there. Experimenting with speakers can be a lot of fun along the way too though.
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I like how the MK V sounds with the 4x12's and 2x12's , especially at low volume it sounds much fuller than my 1x12 ..... pedal wise just use what you got for now , there is a learning curve with dialing in the amp so read and re-read the owners manual , plus you may not even need a pedal with this amp once dialed in
V30's in a 2x12 will probably get you the tone you need, although I seriously doubt you'll need a boost pedal for toneshaping, the mk. V is plenty tight as it is, and the extra multiband EQ gives you tons of options for getting a tight, clear tone.

Also, grats on the purchase, great amp!
i haven't tried the mark v so i can't help with the speaker question, but the sd1/tubescreamer-style pedals all do more or less the same thing, so you're good with the sd1 as far as that goes (as long as you're not getting any bleed when bypassed, and if so, that can be easily fixed with another buffered pedal in front of it).

i guess the more flat-mids style ods are the place to look for something a bit different? timmy, boss blues driver, xotic rc boost, klon, stuff like that (or cheaper clones of them, a load exist) might be worth a look. personal favourite is the timmy.
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Because I'm sure that everyone has been on the edge of their seats with anticipation, I figured I'd give an update. I got the Mk V earlier this week and it is killer. The 5-band EQ could be my favorite feature of any amp I've used. It's definitely not a bedroom-level amp, but it doesn't have to be deafening to sound good.

I mentioned going for APC style tones in the OP. Channel 2 in Mk I mode gets that big 'The Hollow' sound when I take out some 240 with the EQ. And instant 'Judith' on channel 3's Mk IV mode with the EQ set to Preset and just barely on (just shy of 9:00).

With the speakers, I had an Eminence Private Jack laying around and popped it in one side of a stereo 2x12 and I really, really like it. I feel like it's an odd choice and I didn't think it would work, but the top end seems much smoother than the V30 1x12 I started with.

I wasn't a fan of my SD-1, but an MXR Classic OD worked wonders. I also really like the way an Octavia sounded with it- certainly not something that will get used l often, but fun to have around.

I still want something to get me into raunchier, grainier territory, while not necessarily 'tighter' like with the Screamer-style Classic OD. Like the same general amp sound, just more pissed off. I also want a light overdrive that I can use to give the clean channel the slightest bit of dirt. I'll try out some of the suggestions others have mentioned. I've been wanting an excuse to buy a Timmy ever since I sold my Tim, anyway.

And that's it! I mostly just like following up so that anyone who stumbles upon this thread in the future may find what they're looking for.
I love my Fulltone Fulldrive 2, you can go from just a bit of extra grit to another full on overdrive channel for your amp. It's a very versatile overdrive, I have gotten rid of all my other drives and just keep it and my fuzzes on the board.
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Try the Zenman, it covers all the bases in OD, from light to full on, with a dip switch that is vintage TS vs modern (no lows dip). Very versatile pedal to have around, I am thoroughly enjoying mine.

I was going to say the Budda Zenman as well. It's a clean boost for keeping the same amp sound on high gain but adds some sweet juice to cleans and low gains and an overdrive in a single chassis with two footswitches.
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my hermida zendrive and fulldrive 2 cover just about anything for me.
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