I'm currently working on a song:

First the link https://soundcloud.com/rhesusfactor/untitled

For some reason I can’t come up for interesting solo lines for the song, that’s why I’m posting here. Basically at approximately 2:09 begins a jam which will include guitar soloing (and maybe some organ). The progression is very simple Em-C-Em-C-Em-C and goes on and on...

I'll be happy if somebody could give me some tips for this one or even post some ideas... which scale/mode could I try... I don't now, I'm really stuck.

Also, if somebody's got some ideas I will be more than happy to receive them as MIDI )

Thanks for reading!
E minor scale or minor pentatonic should suffice. Throw in a couple of little harmonic minor phrases to spice it up. Since you're only using two chords there it really opens up the possibilities of different or exotic scales if you felt like using them, as long as they have that minor sixth in them (which is C in E minor).
Just use your ears and try to hear something that could fit it. I don't know if "exotic scales" are going to help. I would suggest not thinking in scales but in melody. Do you have anything - a feeling or sound or something you are after?

Listen to your favorite guitarists, maybe that will inspire you to play a great solo.

Also, before worrying about the guitar solo, maybe come up with some kind of a melody for your verse/chorus. That may also give you some ideas for your solo. Remember that guitar solo is not the most important part of a song.

The problem with your solo part is that it's kind of quiet and doesn't progress anywhere. It can start quietly but you can't really shred over that kind of background (not saying you need to shred of course). It's hard to play a good sounding solo over a background that doesn't progress. If the background doesn't progress, how can you expect the solo to progress?

So maybe start quietly but add some intensity to it after a couple of repeats. Something needs to happen in it. It's not only about the dynamics, it's also about the rhythm. Now it doesn't feel like it's moving forward at all. Start with that but after a couple of repeats add a drum fill and change the drum beat to something more rhythmic. You may also want to do something else with the rhythm guitar.
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Just remember that there are no boring scales, just boring players.


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When approaching this section I'd personally write something cool and catchy that I could repeat twice, then have the wanky solo portion before returning to the cool catchy thing again with a fadeout.

I'd probably opt to use the E minor/blues/dorian scales because I like the sound of them in the key of E minor.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.