Setting your sights pretty high to just jump in.....
First, this is not really a "Flamenco" piece, but rather what we might call..."Flamenco influenced modern latin guitar".... Or something like that.
Paco De Lucia was a master, by the way, playing with many luminaries.

Anyway... All of these techniques are derived from classical guitar and are modified for a more percussive, energetic style of playing.
I noticed a lot of rest strokes with the thumb, and lots of rapid single-note playing with the standard technique of alternating the fingers on upstrokes.
The strumming technique is called "rasquedo".... And this guy does not seem to do the classical form of rasquedo.....Rather a quicker, partial strum.
He is NOT using the very standard "tapping" (golpe) technique common in Flamenco)

(likely a good idea as his guitar does not have a tap-plate or "golpeador".

You don't say what your present level of skill is.... But I'd start with mastering the essentials of playing the nylon-string guitar... The assignment of the fingers to strings, the different free and rest strokes, the "tremolo" technique....
Work your way up. This is a very specific method of playing and a teacher would be a good idea.
Learn finger-picking, Rasgueados, Golpe etc... a good youtube teacher is Ruben Diaz but he is a bit advanced. I don't know why Bikewer said the piece above isn't really Flamenco, because it is.

The album from the song you linked (Solo Quiero Caminar) contain my favorite Bulerias ever: Pinonate. I'd die to be able to perform it, but I learned flamenco for 5 years (off and on) and I'm far from there.
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Edit sorry i'm a little sleepy I got mixed up,
and wrote something out for basic finger picking
since I wasn't sure if you where advanced at finger picking techniques.

Have you learned basic finger picking

Pulgar or P(is the thumb ) Indio or I Index medio m middle anular (or a) for ring (they say the pinky is not used often but I forgot what it was)

I know of a basic guitar book By david hamburger (got mine at the library)
(I forgot the name maybe it was the basic guitar method)
This book is simple , but little things like Anchor fingers help with changing chords

(anchor as in holding your index on a D Major chord switching to a minor,
and not moving your index finger (anchor it while you switch chords)

Also some good alternating thumb bass lines between the E string, and A
while you play chords (or move other strings with your other fingers)
(I need to get back, and work on these separate rhythms again myself
(which in time, can sound like 2 guitars playing one bass on guitar.

or basic travis picking (using the thumb middle and index in a monotone rhythm.)

You can find exercises online (maybe see post below for link.)

Also see
house of the rising sun
or songs where your
thumb plucks the low E
index the G string
followed by middle finger b, string
high E ring finger

3--p --------------------reverse ---it
also try exercises where you pluck at the same time
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Try this Tab house of the rising sun
the first 2 notes the O, and 2 use Pulgar (or thumb )
than index middle ring reverse


that guy is playing fast
and I have some fast songs , people think wow so hard
they do not realize it is harder to play my slow (song)
as a matter of fact I can't even play my slow song at this moment
(it's 2 rhythms out of sync -- my thumb/ fingers are doing 2 rhythms )
Thanks for the video
I think he's very good just do not under estimate some of the slow classical guitar songs
I have (with what my friend plays), and I'm a guitar player

I like his song better in my opinion
Bamboleo Gipsy Kings - Solo Flamenco Guitar Ben Woods -Video & Tabs

Do you know the C scale in all the modes (and the harmonic minor/ melodic minor)
it's not hard to memorize (it repeats the pattern in every key open notes could throw you off), and the scales in c can help with doing solo's all over the neck.
Hey while I one of the videos played (judas priest)
there is a reference right on one of his posts

it is for metal classics though

This arrangement will be in my book
"Metal Classics for Fingerstyle Guitar"
published by Hal Leonard available in late April 2015