Hey there gang, i was looking for some bands that play in drop C. I am currently playing alot of Artimus Pyledriver and Stone Mountain Freeway, so anything along those lines would be great. Also any sludge/stoner like eyehategod etc. I am NOT looking for SOAD, Machine Head, or any damn metalcore that is listed in every drop c forum, nor the rare nickleback recommendation that i cant tell is a joke or not. Thanks so much everyone!

PS - if this is the wrong subthread for this question please let me know an advise where a better place to post may be, thanks
Thank you! I am actually a bass player, and dont play guitar much. I recently got my guitar setup for drop C as i mostly play the above mentioned bands on guitar, and figured i would try to keep at that tuning rather than jump around between tunings. Thats my shitty excuse anyways, I'm not sure what other peoples reasoning may be, haha.
if you get guitar pro you can pick any song and tune the guitars in the tab to the tuning of your guitar and try to work with that.
Tuning switches are quite a task for a lot of folks. Personally, I transpose around other tunings so that the setup sticks to what it is. But Guitar Pro is a decent bit to use for this as well ^_^
I hate to submit this one, simply because of flack regard, but...Dethklok (or rather, Brendon Small and the rest working together in real life for the animated band)