So I'm still a few months away from releasing a complete album of my work but since this is the first time I am going completely solo and using the internet to promote myself I'd like some advice from those that have done this already.

Sites like tunecore or cdbaby that distribute your music to a bunch of platforms like itunes, last.fm, etc.... is it a worthy investment? I imagine it is and I plan to do this but it's nice to hear from people who have done that already. Does it have a big impact on getting people to listen to your stuff?

My biggest problem is actually getting people to listen to my stuff. Facebook is usually a complete failure as most people have the attention span of a fruit fly and can hardly get my friends to respond with criticism or even a simple "like" so it's frustrating.

I don't have any sort of following right now, so I am really starting from scratch.

So how about advertisement? I suppose I can try facebook to reach other people actually interested in listening to music instead of scrolling past memes all day. I am thinking youtube as well once I get some videos to go along with my songs and maybe on some other sites like soundcloud or bandcamp. I just don't know if these things are really worth it or not (as far as paying for promotion or extra attention)

Right now, from the research I've done, it seems bandcamp is the place to be when it comes to independent artists such as myself. But are there any other good sources of potential income?

Hope I can get some feedback, if not I will post in a different section of the forum.

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