Thank you for the review! Now your tune "Sky": the song is relaxing, nice guitar tone. I like most of the melodies. Since there are no drums (not that you need them in a mellow song like this), I'm not entirely certain how consistent the timing is; though it seems the song might have some timing issues. I suggest playing with a metronome or a drum machine/software. If you do multi-track recording, you can always mute the drum/click track later. I myself typically have a difficult time with timing without drums (I usually use software).
Thanks for the advice, do you have any suggestions on which metronome or drum machine software's to use?
Metronomes get boring to listen to rather fast. Overall, I like drum software by toontrack best. Many people start out with EZDrummer. They have all sorts of drum kits and drum patterns played by pro drummers, so it doesn't sound so much like a machine. Check out this link (you can usually buy it cheaper at Guitar Center's store or website cheaper than from toontrack directly):


Try the demo software first to make sure it works with your computer and you digital audio work station before buying it. I bought the first EZDrummer at a great price of $30US on sale at Guitar Center, which was unusually cheap. EZDrummer 2 is more expensive partially because it is pretty new. Are you from Kentucky, Maryland, or somewhere else?
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EZ Drummer looks like a great tool, I'll try to check it out soon. I'm from Bethesda Maryland
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Sky has a nice gentle vibe and excellent picking work. I do agree that the timing occasionally interrupts the flow. in some genres this could be used for effect, but here it seems to antithetical to the lulling mood of the piece.

Nice picking again on Journey? Do you do finger picking for these? Whatever it is, it's well done and really sets the mood. I really like the part ~1:16. The guitar might be a little out of tune on this one. Nice clean tones, how do you record your guitar?

Floating Winds Crying Beast might be my favorite yet, this is a nice set youve put together here. It's nice to hear something with a sparse sincerity for a change
Thanks Jmako.
I use finger picking for all the pieces. For the main melody in Journey its a pattern similar to a banjo roll for the treble strings, with alternate bass picking added to it. To record I put a Blue Snowball USB mic in front of my fender mustang II amp (twin reverb setting), and process it through audacity. Not fancy but it works.
Hope that helps.