So, I have learned how to transcribe lead guitar to great success. I understand how to find key and mode, but how do I find chords? Like I get how to use 5th and 6th string root chords, etc, etc, and I am good at lead, but struggle with finding the actual chord. I don't know what a triad is, or how find the actual chord they're playing, (like playing a fifth or sixth string root chord as a place holder as opposed to whether its a 7th or dminished chord or w/e) Like I know scale theory and how you can use that to find the bass note and lead guitar parts, but kinda confused on chords.
The chords are not isolated to one instrument in a whole ensemble. Lead guitar carries the melody line usually; chords are a part of harmony, another important part of music.

A good idea is to write down the notes that are playing at one time. Can you feel chord changes at least?
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