Scarlett Solo: Sound of guitar used to sound awesome now it sounds distant and thin

The first Scarlett Solo I bought worked just fine and I was happy with the sound I got from it recording 3 songs. During the recording of the 4th song, I noticed that the plug on the Scarlett with a guitar symbol by it stopped working and I was forced to record using the plug with the mic symbol. Unfortunately, this gave me a guitar sound that was really distant and thin. Why did the plug with the guitar symbol by it stop working?

I thought my problem might have something to do with the Scarlett Solo itself so I decided to buy another one and test it out. Upon testing it, I noticed the plug with the guitar symbol worked. Unfortunately, the recording quality was really bad still like the the first Scarlett I bought because my guitar still sounded really distant, thin and murky. Why does my guitar sound so distant, thin and murky in the recordings now? It used to sound in focus, heavy and full of power in the first three songs I recorded with the first Scarlett Solo I bought. Did I accidentally change some setting?

I already tested to see whether my issue had something to do with my cables or my mic. So my cables and/or my mic are not the problem.

To avoid confusion here's the link to the type of Scarlett I am referring to:
Make sure your input is set to instrument on the device.
Can you upload an example of before and after?
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