Hey There you awesome Musicians

I am new to this forum, actually not. I've been reading reviews and music info from a few years on this site and its really a great job from you guys to keep it rocking.. Keep it going and I'll contribute some when the time comes.

So My question is, I have a 1x12 cab and i have a 20 watt head on top of it, now i just bought a 5w Bugera G5 head to be able to play at home without causing noise issues with the neighbors.

My question is will it be OK if i stack them one on top the other. So cab at the bottom, 20w on top of it and the 5w on top of that. I know that the Cab can take the weight of the 20W head cos it came as a set and also that the cab can take another cab as a full stack. But i don't know if the 20w Amp head can take something 10Kg on top of it without causing some problem

Hope you understand my dilemma, as i never had 2 amps in my Life.. Well there is a first time for everything.
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Ok, So I Googled a Lot and found that it was OK.. But thanks For nothing guys

May Be you would help me with My next question. Please...

So Now i want a fail safe way to prevent the amp that is not connected to the cab from blowing the power transformers, when my stupid drunk friends or Stupid me switches on the wrong Amp.

I have now the 20W Jet city 20HV Connected to the Cab through a 16ohm Juice box, and the Bugera on top has no speakers. I know that i will reconnect the cab to Bugera to Play it, but then the Jet city has no Load. At any given time in this universe i Play only one cab and the other is off... Always..

But when both are off and some stupid Idiot switches on the wrong amp (Both the power and Standby at once, Yes there are Idiots who do that, they are an imbecile in the world of tube amp) then god forbid I'll kill them Unless its my Fiance. I know i can get another cab, but I've got issues with place right now. The thing that happens when you get engaged and the girl moves in..

So any trick or tips or gear which will let me do it.. I Just want One amp working other is off and connected to X gear to protect it from Blowing if accidentally switch on.

Danke, Thanks
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You can get a power attenuator the THD Hot plates will act as a dummy load to prevent heads from blowing without being plugged into a speaker, I'm sure there are other brands that will do this as well, they are not cheap you might just be better off buying a cheap used 1X12 speaker cabinet.

But you can always just unplug the power cord from the wall on amp you are not using or get sober friends (just kidding)
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