Hello everyone

I am looking for a western guitar.
I own a electric guitar already (’72 Fender Telecaster Thinline Deluxe) and a classical guitar. I really don't like the classical guitar that I currently have and that is why I would like to buy a acoustic guitar.
It does not have to be anything really expensive, I just want something to play besides my electric guitar.

I was interested in the following models.
Ibanez AW70ECE-BK (not information much to find on this model)
Ibanez AEG10II-BK
Fender CD-140SCE

I prefer a somewhat thin neck.
The price of the guitar should be arround 250-350 euros (270-380 USD)
Does anybody own one of these guitars or can anyone give me some advise on which one I have to buy (or maybe another model?)?

Take a look at Tanglewood guitars, they've got some really good ones in that price range as well, maybe just a little more, but still under 400 euros.
Gear pics

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I wouldn't over-think it too much, I would just try some, and get one that takes your fancy. However some makes I would be looking at more closely are Tanglewood, as mentioned, Recording King and Yamaha. Ibanez and Fender wouldn't be so high on my list.

Some things to keep in mind are:

Sound will depend on string age, so a guitar with new strings will likely sound better than one with old ones.

Any guitar you try might need a set up, and this should be included in your budget. If a guitar doesn't feel right, it might be easily fixed with a set up.

Look for one with a decent neck angle, that is one that will still have plenty of saddle showing when the action has been set to your liking. I think this a really important, because the geometry of guitars deteriorates with age due to string tension, so it make sense to get one that has got plenty of margin for lowering the saddle as needed to counteraction these effects.