Hey team,

So I'm tabbing some classical works for electric guitar ensemble. So far I have full tabs for Hindemith Piano Sonata 2, first and second movement, and the Scherzo from Tchaikovsky String Quartet no. 1, attached. My intent is for them to be played with picks on electric guitars, and with drum kit. They require an octave pedal for some parts. They are hand written on paper with a somewhat novel notation. My question is, is there a way to upload images or pdfs to UG? and just in general, ... do you like it? They are SO fun to play! :-)

If I can't upload images or pdfs, eventually I can make a text-midi-tab version with power tab or whatever.

My eventual idea is to record and perform these (I've made rudimentary recordings) and to transcribe many more. Played with a tasteful tone, not a metal version. I just found out that I still have access to my alma mater's music library computer lab with Sibelius, and I can use the visual score component to make transcriptions much more easily.

My feeling is that classical music offers to rock music so much in terms of harmonic and melodic unity and tension and progress, detail, interest, color, etc.

There's a great performance of the Hindemith Sonata here, please listen, it's awesome! In general I am a Hindemith advocate. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoIPU5bY0kU

feel free to share. (classtab.org will not post them)

Hindy sonata 1 mvt 1
this is the first one I did and it's messy. This is not the final version, which I don't have access to right now. The B in the right hand ms 107-112 should be moved one string down.

Tchaik quartet 1 scherzo
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