My band is going to record a one song single-shot video, just to demonstrate our sound and how we look performing. The band is electric lead guitar, electric guitar/vocalist, electric bass, and a drum set (multiple rack toms and cymbals). For recording, we have two zoom mics, a mobile two input interface that we could attach a variety of mics to (can use suggestions for condensor vs dynamic etc), and decent audio picked up by the camera (no clipping or distortion).

My question to you is, how should we arrange to get the best sound?
I think you'll have to play around with it a little bit. What's tough if you want to video it also, is getting your room sounding great. There are sort of redneck solutions you could come up with to improve the sound of your room cheaply, but they won't necessarily look the best. But whatever, I'd do it anyway.

Definitely you'll want your vocalist mic'd, and I'd use an sm58 or something similar for that, with a pop filter, which won't look great, but will sound great.

I would get another dynamic mic, but tbh, I'm.not sure where I'd want to place it. Maybe somewhere near the drums, then i'd put one zoom in a good general room location and the other near the guitar and bass amps.

Even minor differences in placement can make a pretty big difference in what'd captured.

Another option might be to separate the bass in its own dynamic mic, maybe near the kick also, and zoom the guitar and hihat and snare area. That way you can roll off the highs of your kick and bass, and roll off the bass of your guitar and drums, and that will help with muddiness. You could also roll off your room. I think I might try it that way.
Two mics to record a whole band - not much you can do with that unless you have a PA and you can do the instruments direct into the mixer/PA, give one mic to the vocalist and put one mic pointing towards the drums and record the mixer output into the audio interface.

I think it might be much easier to pay some local venue PA guy to let you do a set on their stage and capture a stereo signal of that.

It might also be easier to pay a local studio to do a proper mix on one song and then you just mime it for the camera as you would on a regular video.