Hello guys. I'm just gonna get to the point and just say that I am deciding between a mustang and a jaguar. I will leave a link of each guitar and plz plz let me know which one is better and why. Please also list specifics cause I'm not really that technical with guitars.

Mustang option 1 http://www.fender.com/electric-guitars/mustang/65-mustang/0273706500.html#start=1

Jaguar http://www.fender.com/guitars/jaguar/classic-player-jaguar-special-hh/0141710300.html#start=1

Mustang option 2: http://m.ebay.com/itm/Fender-Japan-MUSTANG-MG69-Matching-Head-Candy-Apple-Red-Made-in-Japan-2010-2012-/231805037201?nav=WATCHING_ENDED
They're both better.

Mustang is better if you just want single coil pickups.

Jaguar is better if you want single coil AND humbuckers. And more switches.

Not sure if one guitar's type of tremolo is better than the other.
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Try a shawbucker Strat !!! (I'm not helping here am I )
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