Hi everyone, I just recently bought a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser with passive pickups from Musician's Friend and it's my 1st Schecter. It has a GraphTec nut, fixed bridge (tune-o-matic) and Schecter locking tuners. The guitar came with Ernie Ball 10-46 strings and I put on a set of D'Addario NYXL 9-42, stretched the strings many times and even after a few days, the guitar won't stay in tune after only a few minutes of playing. It's mostly the G & A strings and I'm at a loss as to why it won't stay in tune. It's a $900 guitar and I really didn't want to send it back. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
I think Ernie Ball nickel regular slinky, power slinky and hybrid slinky work perfect for any of Schecter guitar, in my theory. Try it out.
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After changing string gauges, you may need to do some truss rod adjustment. Sounds like the neck is readjusting to the change in tension.
Did you stretch the strings after restringing?
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After changing string gauges, you may need to do some truss rod adjustment. Sounds like the neck is readjusting to the change in tension.

That wouldn't explain the guitar going out of tune in minutes though.
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I have a hard time thinking that it is something wrong with the guitar warranting it be sent back. Do you know how to properly set up a guitar? If not, maybe you should have a GOOD tech do it for you.
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try rubbing pencil lead in the nut slots (or graphite if you have it). Most tuning issues are because of a poorly cut nut
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It sounds like your locking tuners may be slipping, keep an eye on how far the string goes through the post and see if its slipping a little bit. I had schaller locking tuners and I hated them because my high e would always slip unless I tightened it with a wrench. Been using sperzels ever since and loving them.
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Loosen the truss rod a little bit. Any time you switch gauge strings, you need to re-balance the neck tension with the string tension. Since you went from a heavier gauge to a lighter gauge, your strings won't be pulling as much on the neck since there's less tension there, therefore you have to remove some tension out of the neck to get the two back in harmony. This can (and usually does) cause tuning issues if both tensions aren't properly set as well as intonation, string action, and neck relief issues.

This is a simple and quick quarter turn with a hex key (aka Allen key) which comes with the guitar. If you take it to a guitar tech, they'll charge $75 to turn the wrench for you, I don't recommend that. There are plenty of videos on YouTube on how to properly adjust the truss rod, don't be afraid to adjust it. As long you keep to the rule of thumb: lefty-loosy, righty-tighty, quarter turns only at a time, let it sit for 20-30 minutes, check the neck relief under string tension, rinse and repeat any number of times needed. If you go too far, you can always reverse it, it's what the truss rod is designed to do. Just don't crank the wrench and you'll be fine. Since you only went from 10's down to 9's, one quarter turn might just be all you need.

And then of course you'll need to adjust the intonation and string height but with tune-o-matics it's really simple and straightforward.