Hello folks! I'm new to this forum so forgive me if i made any mistakes..

Anyway i need help in understanding the solo of this song

Its by the offspring - the kids arent all right

Can anyone tell me what song key is this in? And for the solo what notes are being played for the bending distortion part and how does it work??

Thanks a lot!
:S It literally has the notes scrolling along the bottom of the screen whilst he plays lol... What more direction can someone give?
I understand that there are tabs at the bottom scrolling and of course its easy to just follow the tabs and play, but i wanna know how come the notes(bending part) can be played together and how it works. Basically i wanna understand the music theory behind the solo.

Thanks for the reply!
Those squiggles are vibratos. Simply put, it means to hold a note, then push it or bend it up (or down) and repeat that however fast one wants to do the vibrato. You can do vibratos on more than one note of the same kind consecutively, but it usually requires either an extra tap or an extra pluck of the string it's on (if that makes any sense). You can also do vibratos or bends on two notes of different strings provided they are either nearby/easily reachable or they can be played near consecutively. The distortion results from the two notes which are different tones/octaves overlapping each other; this causes a weird effect on the sound which is the distortion. The solo AND song are both played in E Standard like most Offspring songs are. The tabbed out part of that song in the video appears to be the official musicbook from the band's playing version and not just a cover of such. If this is not what is being asked for, I apologize myself for confusing the matter.