I'm a hobbyst musician, I'm not sure WHY i want to upgrade it, I've been using this setup the last 3 years and i don't have any major problems with it.

But i'm feeling with GAS because i closed a great business deal, and want to buy some shinny things to upgrade my homestudio.

I have 1.500 USD Dollars to spend, and I'm not sure what are the parts i need to upgrade. And what/why should i upgrade.

Right now I have
Tascam US-800 http://tascam.com/product/us-800/
AT2020 and AT2041.
Dynamics: only 1 shure SM57.
Midi Controller U-key CME (F2 note kinda broken)
Monitors: KrK Rokit 6. and ATH50Mx Audiphones.

So, first i want to upgrade the Tascam US-800, only because i feel like it's "old". I love that it has 6 inputs, but in reality, in the last 2 years, i've never connected more than 4 lines at same time. The only problem is that the drivers are outdated, and it crashes after 5 hours of studio time. (but i rarely play more than 5 hours)

1 Year ago i bought a Scarlett 18i8 FocusRite interface to replace it. But the PREAMPS of the Scarlett where SO FKIN BAD, that i sold it, and kept the tascam us-800 for 2015.

I'm looking to replace it with a Roland OCTA-Capture, for about 500 USD.

Would be the octacapture an UPGRADE against the tascam? Specially in quality of PREAMPS? There's any other new interface in the market i should be looking? The RME are too far of my range right now. And i really hated the dull sound of the focusrite preamps

Then in mics:

I've recorded with the AT2020 for the last 3 years, but one year ago i bought a SM57, and i like the sound of my voice more on that dynamic mic lol. Last year the AT2020 has just been used to record acoustic guitars. Maybe i should improve the condenser MIC.

I don't know shit of condenser mics. I've always used the At2020. What should i be looking? It's just i don't like the sound of the AT2020 no more. I don't know why.
Also I haven't use the AT2041 in last 4 years. I would like to buy a nice mic. For voices and acoustic Guitar, that would last me AGES.

Then on dynamic. I have only one SM57, and a bunch of shitty 20 dollars mic when i record with friends. I'm thinking on buying one SM58, so i can sing without the popfilter on it.

Monitors: I'm ok right now with the KRK.

I'm NOT OK with the ATHm50x audiphones. My ears get tired VERY FAST with them. Altough the sound is amazing, they start hurting at low volumes.

What are confy closedback audiphones? OR it would be more intelligent to buy some openback audiphones for listening music AND check the mix? and keep the ATHM50x just for tracking?

If that would be the case, what are good open phones?

So in resume:

Roland Octa-Capture: 500 USD.

New Condenser mic ¿¿¿¿¿?????

New dynamic Mic: 1 SM58 100 USD.

New CONFY audiphones ¿Closed/Open back? : ¿¿¿???

So.. 1.500 usd dollars to spend... Or should i buy a better interface? or anything i'm missing?

It would be great to spend less than the 1.500 usd, because i'm putting 800 usd dollars on new pedals for guitar, and also buying a Fender Precision Bass. But that post goes in another forum :P
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I'd start with the interface and maybe monitors first, have a look at Yamaha HS series monitors. I hate the KRK range with a passion so I might be a bit biased there but I think they sound like soggy cardboard...but there is pretty much everything that could use upgrade in your chain.

Interface - I've been looking at Audient's line but these are 2 input unless you get an external breakout box with ADAT capability.

The Tascam's preamps are kinda bleh, and their drivers are shoddy, I remember working on a band record with one of these and it was OK but it wasn't something I'd keep on regular basis. I agree with you there, so the Roland would be an upgrade, but start looking up at the UA Apollo range, RME, MOTU.

Not familiar with that particular Roland interface but I have a UA-4FX that is still going strong as portable interface and it sounds good for portable interface. I've worked with the Roland digital mixers and they sounded good from what I can remember, but it wasn't anything life-changing, but honestly, neither are the Focusrite preamps. All of these will be an improvement over the Tascam interface though, so will be a PreSonus interface.

Honestly, the one that I really liked that I worked with was a PreSonus Firestudio Tube (8 preamps, 2 tube with limiters, 16 inputs in one unit) but they discontinued that product.

If you can go with 2 inputs get the Audient iD22 and you can pair that up with ADAT preamp later if you need more inputs.

Maybe a mic upgrade will be nice, I upgraded to AKG C3000 from the AT2020 and I seem to like this one better as it gets more use, not that AT2020 is a bad mic. If you can swing it go with a AT4040.

Maybe you're not getting good results because of room bleed on your condensers?
Some kind of reflection filter maybe?

or maybe you need some sound treatment?
1) cheap condenser ( i.e under $1000) are probably a waste of money unless you are recording in a great treated room. Stick with your dynamic mics and use your money elsewhere. I'll take a sm57 or 58 over any cheap condenser for any purpose.

2) Focusrite's preamps are actually clean and neutral, so your experience with them is a bit bizarre.

3) if you want an interface with better preamps you have three low cost options - Audient ID22 ( or 14), SPL Crimson, and Tascam UH7000. They're all centered around the issue of preamps - they have better than average preamps. That being said, RME would provide better drivers so the Babyface Pro may be a good choice if you're on windows.