i like the melody and i think that your voice goes well with the style ... very good song.
regarding the recording ... but this is just my opinion ... i would double the rythm guitar to add more "body" to it
i like the sound of the electric guitar ... just dirty enough ...

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strumming rhythm jives nicely with the apt drum beat. nice vocal transition into the chorus, and a nice melody there as well. I like the guitar tone, and just to play devils advocate here, if you double it, you run the risk of the tone getting muddied and losing the crisp clarity in your picking. pros and cons i suppose. the little lead part ~1:30 could probably be a little louder, I liked it and wanted a to hear a little bit more of it. solid electric guitar tone in the solo bit just after 3:00. The drums are sounding a little robotic and stiff in this part, maybe just because the full snare hit brings them up higher in the mix than they were at the beginning of the song. Good dynamic though, I like how the song has picked up steam as it goes.

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good audio quality from the guitar and vocals. I love the whole vibe of the drum beat and vocals and guitar. The harmonies are beautiful in the chorus man although they could be tighter but that's just nitpicking. The synth's add a whole new dimension to the piece, I only wish they remained throughout though but that's just an opinion. I could see the kind of affect you were going for the bridge and it's cool and it flows beautifully into the guitar solo. The addition of electric guitars is done fantastically. I'm impressed with the mixing job you've done with this.

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