I have a Boss ME-50 guitar multi effects pedal board and it's been working great. My only problem is that it has a repetitive blinking B letter in the display. I looked in the Boss Me-50 manual and could not find an explanation. There is an answer on yahoo answers that says it's in bypass mode but if this is the case then I do not know how to take it out of Bypass mode. If anyone owns a Boss Me-50 or is experienced in pedals please help.
Did you try doing a factory reset or plugging it in to your computer and updating its software?
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Isn't bypass on those when you hit the first two switches together? Try hitting those two again.
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It turns out the blinking b is actually a sign for dead batteries, prior to a lot of answers on the internet. It also turns out that the Boss ME-50 does not have true bypass.
Yeah, all of BOSS's products use a buffered bypass, unless I'm mistaken. I imagine all digital effects will have some type of buffer.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not