This isn't a scam, and will be the last time I ever mention it.

A person who lost big on the powerball set up a go fund me to reimburse her for rent and bills. I got rent and bills taken care of. I just don't have spare money for a guitar.

I want an inexpensive Squire Bullet Stratocaster since it has the pickups exactly where I want and I can change them out in the future as I learn more about guitars.

I plan on winding my own pickups, and I've already made my own amplifier that runs on a 9V battery out of parts I had laying around.

I remember taking guitar lessons as a teenager, and want to pick it back up. I had an old acoustic for years but it was damaged in a move, and I don't have the skill to repair it.

THE REAL REASON I AM HERE is to learn all I can about guitar. Given the fact that somebody got their rent through gofundme I thought it would be worth a shot to put the link in here.

I hope to become part of the community, and my name can be seen as a joke in time.

I have skills and understand the science of guitars, but I look forward to learning the skills to express myself musically.

Thank you all for reading this far, if you did. Look forward to being part of the comunity! Take care!

*edit* haha didn't even post the link: